Periwinkle is well known for the wonderful enchanted birthday parties and craft classes they run for children and adults throughout the year.

It gives everyone the chance to be creative, no matter the age or ability in a friendly and innovative environment, with guidance every step along the way. 

Every pupil has time and fun to explore their creative side and take home that special piece they have made.

Alongside the craft workshops are the Birthday Parties that are themed to each child’s special day with a craft of choice, bubble blowing, present opening, fancy dress, the popular face painting and birthday photos.

These birthdays are so much fun and we encourage the guests to be interactive with the children as well. Then at the end of the party they all have a special unique crafted treasure to take home. A sure way to make this day very memorable.

Party food can be organised and delivered on the day from our local expert catering company, or can be BYO.

You decide as to the options you would like to include and we will do the rest. 

No mess for you, just lots of fun in your child’s dream fantasy setting, pre set for your group to attend.

Party and craft options are on our website and are continually updated with the next set of workshops right there for you to pursue.

We do love our store, the parties we run for the children and what has been created, come feel inspired by the uniqueness of our world.