Party Schedule & FAQ

Party Schedule

Below is a sample schedule of our 2.5 hour standard party booking (Fairy, Unicorn & Princess Parties) - Please refer to our Glitz and Glam page for their party schedule

On arrival you are welcomed by your party host, dressed in costume to your theme.

The craft or activity is run first, children sit at the tables with the adults so that the day becomes more interactive. The craft is explained and runs approx. 1 hour.

At the same time our in-house Face Painter takes each child in throughout the activity/craft session for face painting

The finished crafts are set aside and the children go outside to do bubble waving under the veranda. At the same time the tables are cleared and the party food is put out on the decorated buffet table. Children are called back in and they partake in the food choices that the parent has had catered or brought on the day.

We sing Happy Birthday to the Birthday child, the cake is cut and handed out to all.

Tea/coffee is also given to adults and juice for the children. Often there is a platter or nibbles provided by the parents for the adult guests too. Or we can organise platters for the adults.

Food is cleared away and its time for present opening.

Although we are not photographers we do take some photos throughout the event and you are welcome to take your own. We set up a themed photo wall for group photos and supply fun props. Any photos we take will be supplied after the event. 


Where is Periwinkle?

We are in Leeston, Canterbury. Approx. 35 mins from Christchurch

Party Terms & Conditions

  • $100 deposit is required to confirm your booking
  • 14 days prior to party you will be required to summit your party bundle booking. This will include picking your theme, craft or activity, catering, and extra add-on's 
  • Full payment is required 14 days prior to the party
  • Deposit is non refundable for cancellation within 14 days of event
  • Cancellations within 7 days of the event will incur full payment or the opportunity re book within a month (if dates are available)
  • Cancellations within 3 days of the event will incur full payment
  • Damage to costumes or event props will be charged

How many children can you cater for?

Ideally up to 8, we like to give all the children our attention and also have room for guests. If you wish to have more please contact us for a quote.

Can guests/parents stay for the party?

Yes we are happy for you to stay and be involved with the birthday, often it is good to have an adult help out especially with any activity that involves hot gluing.

How many people does the face painter paint?

Face painting is included in our Fairy, Unicorn and Princess parties and is really popular. We paint all the invited children and if time we can paint others that attend the party.

What age can attend the parties?

Our parties are best catered to 3 years and above. We do ask that parents stay and assist the little ones. If younger children are attending we can face paint them if time allows. 

My child has allergies, can we bring our own food?

Yes of course and we ask that the parent booking the party let us know of any allergies, issues that we need to be aware of. Our caters are also happy to supply allergy friendly options.

What does the venue hire include? 

Princess, Unicorn, Fairy Parties:

  • Venue Hire at Periwinkle in Leeston. Includes room theme set up, catering set up, paper cups/plates etc and cleaning. Juice/Water for children and tea/coffee for parents.
  • Photo background set up for your theme
  • Bubble blowing 
  • Gift for party child
  • Periwinkle party host dressed to your theme
  • Face Painting 
  • Costume Wardrobe
  • Total for up to 8 Children $280 (2.5 hours)

Glitz & Glam Pamper Party

  • Venue Hire at Periwinkle in Leeston. Includes room theme set up, catering set up, paper cups/plates etc and cleaning. Juice/Water for children and tea/coffee for parents.
  • Pampering inclusions:
    • Rose scented nourishing warm wax hand treatment followed by diamanté nail art
    • Luxurious foot soak, scrub and moisturiser
    • On trend reusable rainbow bubble hair braids
    • Face painted flowers, glitter, gems and lipstick.
  • Nibbles & bubbles (marshmallows, crackers & lemonade)
  • Photo background set up for your theme
  • Gift for party child
  • Periwinkle party host 
  • Dress up Bathrobes 
  • Total for up to 8 Children $395 (2.5 hours)

What activities and crafts do you do? (Available at Princess, Unicorn or Fairy Parties)

Activity Menu

Catering options

Catering Menu

Can you heat food?

We have a microwave but not an oven

Can we bring our own food/catering?

Yes, that is no problem

Can you attend our party or event at home or another venue?

Yes we can, please contact us for availability and to discuss options