Fairy School

At Periwinkle we will be running “Fairy School” this coming holidays.
Little girls just love fairies and what a perfectly magical way to spend their day in our magical Fairy setting and learning all things “Fairy”.

The school runs from 9am - 3pm and the apprentice fairies will start with a meet & greet the host fairies, Fairy Godmother “Kim” & Senior Fairy “Pixie”

Firstly the you girls will be inducted into the school and then complete various fun fairy crafts and activities through out the day to become the very best fairy in training they can possibly be with graduation at the end of the day.
Parents are welcome to arrive from 2.45pm to watch.

Parent Notes for the day.

  • Please arrive by 9am sharp as we will need to start on time to complete all the fun activities.
  • Parents can stay a while, just to make sure their little fairy offspring are happy & settled.
  • Please bring your lunch and drink bottle.
  • Apprentice’s hair needs to be tied in a half or full ponytail if long, as the flower crown needs to sit securely.
  • Personal grooming is an important part of the fairy code therefore we need everyone to look their clean, tidy & sparkly self.
  • There will be some little items to bring home, please make sure there is a bag to put them into safely.
  • The girls will be dressed in fairy costume for the day so no need to arrive in costumes.

Programme For the “Summer Fairy Day”

 9am Meet & Greet fairy hosts and other fairy apprentices
9.10am Induction to school, signing of attendance, fairy name & costume for the day
9.30am Fairy code & naming their journal
9.50am Photographs, parents will be sent these, ideally by messenger or email
10am Morning tea
10.15am Making fairy bracelets
10.45am Fairy game and dance
11.15am Making wish jars
12pm Lunch
12.30pm Fairy facepaint & journal decorating with stickers & glitter
1.30pm Treasure hunt, outside of weather is good
2.30pm Sing a long and game if time allows.
2.45pm Graduation and certificate presentation


Once you have booked via the link at the bottom of the page, please return to fill out our admission form.

Fairy “Kim” is our darling Fairy Godmother and the creative fairy who started the “Periwinkle Fairy School” not so long ago in magical years.

As the founder of the school Kim has a wealth of knowledge in all things “fairy” and just loves passing on her whimsical imagination and creativity to all the little apprentice fairies under her guidance. Upcoming promising fairies come from all over the land to be part of the Periwinkle experience, to learn, be creative and above all to delight in being their unique and true fairy self for the day.

Fairy Kim makes it her mission in life to create the most magical and inspiring setting for her young fairies, to flourish with everything they need to do to become graduates of the school by the end of the day. Kim can be found most often at Periwinkle in haven of colour and sparkle contemplating new ideas and fun for everyone for her next fairy experiences.

Our “Free Spirit” fairy “Pixie” is such a treasure and she flys all across the land to face paint all the little children for their special birthday parties.

Pixie”s real name is Acashia, but she has such a delicate elfin look about her that the name Pixie has stuck since she was little herself and we are so sure that she has waited her whole life to spread her love and painting skills to all she meets.

Pixies love of colour and dressing up is top on her list and she co ordinates her costume to the themed parties she attends.

Being young at heart and with little fairies of her own she knows exactly how bring the fun and whimsy to us all, we are so lucky to have this delightful Fairy at Periwinkle.

Pixie loves being part of the Fairy School here at Periwinkle and she  plays games with everyone, interacting with the crafts & dances with them in her sweet fairy style and of course gets her fairy brushes out and her pixie dust to make sure every wee apprentice fairy that attends is sparkling and happy.

Fairy “Tania” is our sweet auburn haired fairy. Tania just relishes being tidy and organised, so much so that every thing has a place and everything must go back where you found it!

Just as well one of the fairies can keep everything on order because Pixie & Kim have lots of trouble trying to stay organised for just one day, but Tania has it all under control and running like fairy clockwork from wo to go.

Tania just loves the little folk at the school and always has everything ready and available to them from their dresses, craft materials, refreshments, etc so we are so very luck to have this wonderful fairy that sorts everything for us as by magic!
The Fairy Code is strictly adhered to by Tania and she will make sure all the little apprentices have this firmly in their memory and written down in their very colourful fairy journals.

Tania loves sewing and has helped with costumes for the school,  is always there to give a helping hand and a cuddle to the tiniest fairies at the school.

Fairy School Booking

Fairy School is run 3 times a year in the school holidays. Reserve your spot below