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Fairy Door Kit

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This bespoke delightful Fairy Door from Periwinkle Leeston is now in kitset form, available in store or online. If you are thinking about what to get for those special little people in your life or maybe just for yourself, then this original locally handcrafted fairy door is just the thing to make yourself or to send away for an extra special surprise gift. All kitsets can be sent via courier, tracked to arrive safely at your destination.Settle down for a crafting session to create your own special door. Everything is provided in the kitset from the painted door of your colour choice, fairies, foliage mushrooms etc. There are easy to follow instructions and with a sprinkle of glitter at the end you’re very own whimsical door is finished and ready to place somewhere special.

  • 1x pre painted Fairy Door ( choice of pink,lilac, blue)
  • 2x Fairies
  • Moss, Bark, Grapevine Branch. Artificial foliage, Artificial cones, Real cones, Butterfly, Toadstool, Mushrooms, Ladybirds, Artificial Flowers, Doorknob, Crystal Rocks, Glitter, Popsicle Stick.

You will need the use of a hot glue gun and small amount of PVA glue.